Born in Germany now living in Italy Leila graduated from the Institute of fine arts Ferruccio Mengaroni of Pesaro, Italy. As a child in Germany she played with Fimo when she was only 8 and one of her most precious treasures is a door sign she made for her grandparents. Her grandparents have passed away years ago and the old house where she used to play at is long gone...but that door sign is still here, the colors are still bright and symbolize a connection to her past.



Leila's art studies helped develop her knowledge of design and colors and the games of a child have transformed into joyful creations of the adult artist. 



Leila loves precision work and attention to detail, using Polymer Clay as her creative medium of choice allows her to mingle her love for color with her need for precision but in a playful way, she loves to call it "playing and creating with solid color".



In her own words: "I believe that one must always aim for perfection. We owe that to the art we create and to our muses. Playing and creating with my own hands and transforming a block of solid color into something unique gives me the freedom to express my feelings, over the years it allowed me to travel and teach and to get to know artists and people from all over the Globe and all this gives me great joy - what better reason could there be to do anything in life?



Over the years she has participated in many master classes with other artists and also organizes workshops with the Italian Polymer Clay guild which she co-founded.



Leila is the winner of the jewelry and design competition for the Fimo Symposium 2014 and multiple winner of Swellegant (used in combination of polymer clay) contests by Christi Friesen (2012/2014/2015) and Lucy Clay Tools Extruder design contest (2014)



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